Asiya Youngmark

Asiya Youngmark has been designing and sewing clothes since she was a child. She learned to sew from her mother, who would sew her own nursing scrubs. Asiya’s multifaceted identity guides her creative process, using her designs to express herself and her identity through clothing. For her, being a Muslim woman and growing up in the United States is at the core of her designs. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue a technical design career within the fashion industry.


Terraformis a women's ready-to-wear collection comprised of versatile separates. To terraform is to transform, as to resemble the earth so that it can support human life. Terraform is inspired by colorful photographic images of Arizona canyons. Asiya transforms her designs to resemble the earth into a wearable form. This collection was created for the modern American Muslim woman, with versatile separates that can be mixed and matched to form a variety of outfits that can be worn to an assortment of events.