Madison Young

Growing up within the constraints of a small town, Madison always knew she wanted more for her future. Going into college Madison knew she didn't want to follow the traditional career path and decided to give apparel design a chance. After a few months, she knew clothing design was her true passion. Interning in London gave Madison the opportunity to expand her horizons and gain more knowledge of the different fashion styles and opportunities that the world has to offer. This has inspired Madison's future career plans and she hopes to continue to travel, while being able to pursue her passions in technical or creative design.

"Collection Title" features ready-to-wear garments using denim and a cohesive color palette - emerald green mixed with neutrals. With the use of contrasting textures and fabrics, Madison showcases a collection inspired by street-style with a feminine touch. She envisions these pieces being staple items in a woman's wardrobe, using simple garments to express their style.