Annie Yang

As a first generation Taiwanese immigrant, Annie is heavily influenced by her experience at the intersection of American and foreign. In her work, she explores the collision of existing in between the binaries of belonging and otherness. Annie believes in the importance of functionality and strives to find oneness within the boundless field of design.

Through her multidisciplinary experiences from design development to product design, she continues to learn how to feel grounded in this constant state of in between.

The Taiwanese meat markets are a representation of the collision between functionality and culture. A place that may come off as raw and rancid to tourists is simultaneously a place of necessity and livelihood for the community. This creates the disjunction between what's seen at a surface level and what's vital for the ecosystem of Taiwan. Annie is both.

TPE is the acronym for the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. It stands to represent the familiar and convoluted space of the in between. TPE is a cultural reclamation project on Annie's experience as an Asian American immigrant and her existence in the spaces of unbelonging.