Mary Xiong

Mary Xiong is a Hmong American raised by parents who migrated to the U.S. for a better and more stable future. Although fashion design is not highly approved of within the Hmong community, Mary’s strong American identity and values allowed her to pursue her dream career in the field of design. Fashion was her chosen creative profession because there are no restrictions in design except the imagination. She enjoys each and every part of designing garments, from ideating to sewing. Designing never fails to make her more curious and willing to learn. As Mary spent more time studying apparel design, she realized that she wanted to explore the impact she could make in the apparel industry as an emerging Hmong American designer.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is inspired by Mary’s identity as a Hmong American woman. This evening wear collection consists of mountain-inspired lines and shapes that signify strength in traditional Hmong clothes. Targeting a younger generation by incorporating cultural Hmong elements into modern American trends, the purpose of this collection is to create affordable pieces for young adults like herself that desire to find modern Hmong evening wear.