Madeline Rooney

Madeline has always thought of clothing as a means of self-expression. Her desire to learn, along with a strong sense of curiosity feeds her passion for design, as she enjoys the thrill of making abstractions a functional reality.  Using her ability to draw inspiration from architectural elements, integrated with the implementation of the wearer's lifestyle makes Madeline's designs exceptionally unique. Madeline had the opportunity to intern at Coolibar this past summer, strengthening her skills in technical design. Moving forward, she hopes to explore other facets in the field including research and development, as well as creative design and costuming.

Compulsion plays on the human desire to organize what we perceive as chaos. It is a collection of futuristic sci-fi costumes that emphasize line and uniformity throughout. Transparent elements represent the increase in visibility and control within current society that we are experiencing regarding the products we consume and where they are sourced. The addition of pockets and other storage elements accentuates the need for this control and the obsessive satisfaction that arrives when everything is in its proper place.