Genevieve Romain

Genevieve is a Minneapolis based designer and has always been involved in the arts. Born a young fashionista, she has always taken great pleasure in clothing. Being exposed to the world of art at an early age through dance and theatre, she has always known she would have a career in a creative field. She loved the stage, but her favorite part was the element of playing dress up and used this to drive her passion. As a designer she strives to create pieces that are one-of-a-kind, drawing creativity from the natural world around her. Her designs focus on femininity, freedom, and individual expression.

Combining her love of natural beauty and effortless simplicity, Genevieve created her bridal line éveiller. Inspired by the french countryside, she incorporates small floral detail, swiss dot and subtle vintage detailing. Using nature as her guide, she wanted to create a line the was simple yet unique. This line combines naturally dyed fabrics and flowing lines to create elegant gowns meant to speak to the free spirit in every woman.