Karli Rastetter
The Divine Feminine

As a child, Karli was ever searching for new projects–often neglecting to finish the last. While thankful for her hometown of Ames, Iowa, she has always had a longing for a more dynamic atmosphere. With her desire to evoke emotions through design, and a need for constant change, Karli has found comfort in the innovative world of fashion and hopes to continue following her passions by contributing to something bigger than herself. She plans to pursue her love of bringing stories and characters to life through cinematic costume design.

Surrounded by beautiful costumes during her summer internship at Tirelli Costumi in Rome, Italy, Karli found inspiration for The Divine Feminine. Inspired by the process in which costumers design characters on for the stage...Karli's collection uses lush colors and rich fabrics to represent the five archetypes of the feminine energy: The Mother, The Dark Goddess, The Wise Woman, The Lover, and The Queen. For more information on each archetype, please feel free to reach out or view her portfolio.