Allison Pham

Allison Pham developed a love for creating when she was young after being introduced to crafting and DIY projects from her friends and family. Throughout, high school, Allison began to notice the small details in clothes, admiring how there’s a meaning behind every garment. Her love for crafting combined with fashion-inspired her apparel design career.

After interning at Tara LaTour, Allison realized that she enjoyed working with tailored fashion. From this experience, she realized she loves ready-to-wear fashion. Allison’s work incorporates different shapes and structural pieces that fit on the body. She enjoys taking inspiration from her surroundings and is motivated to use her knowledge of creating beautiful clothing in the fashion world.


Victress is a line that consists of solid colors and textured fabrics that are juxtaposed with one another. This line was created around the five words that are inspired by the women in Allison’s life: unity, passion, integrity, courage, and confidence. Victress is for women that want to express their confidence through statement pieces playing to/featuring/spotlighting beautiful curvature shapes and lines around the wearer’s body.