Warda Moosa

Warda Moosa designs for the modern modest woman. Through her numerous travels, she witnessed the Indian fashion industry as it takes inspiration from its heritage and celebrates it proudly through innumerable decades. This influenced her to take a peek at her own culture, being brought up as a Somali, and to integrate cultural heritage into her designs. As a designer, Warda also has numerous experiences in the fashion industry. Her experience ranges from working in the Wearable Technology Lab at the University of Minnesota to working with local apparel brands like Winsome Goods and Anywhere Apparel.


SOMALI BAAN AHAY (I AM SOMALI) is a 2020 resort collection showcasing a different perspective of Somalia; one very few have seen. The main inspiration for this collection arose from a painting by Aziz Osman, a local Somali artist. The collection illustrates Somalia's rich cultural heritage with modern pieces that emphasize the poetry and bright colors that are evident in the Somali Culture.