Abigail Mitchell

Abigail Mitchell began her creative journey in the fine arts, specializing in printmaking and drawing. Her unique skill sets in both art and apparel allow her to construct specialized garments with distinctive detail and insight. She strives to use natural-fiber textiles and unconventional materials, as well as sculpturally incorporated fabric manipulation techniques to challenge herself as both an artist and a designer.


Since childhood, Abigail has consistently sought inspiration from the intersection of the macabre and nature, sensing beauty and purpose in the lurid creatures that others may only feel an instinctual fear and disgust for. Foul is a largely experimental collection, seeking to honor these creatures and their often overlooked, yet valuable, contributions in their environments despite their looks, behaviors, or negative cultural symbolism. A distinctive creature that holds a “bad reputation” in notorious superstitions, legends and lore inspires each of her runway looks. Abigail draws heavily upon their seemingly odd habits, shapes, and patterns as visual inspiration. Foul expresses the empathy Abigail feels for the darker side of the animal kingdom by embracing their soft natural colors and by meticulously developing textures, seeking to destigmatize and celebrate their perceived ugliness.