Claire Lumen

Claire Lumen was created in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Since early adolescence, Claire became obsessed with the intricacies and complications of socializing through the internet. She found the ways in which people could exist with technology assisting their identity both fascinating and marvelous. It can be used to hide, to inspire, to magnify, to create. Claire spends a significant amount of time observing people in digital environments, noting emotional responses to both physical and digital external stimuli. This is what spawned the original idea and intent of Claire's senior line, Proprio-Schematic Network. The offering of unlimited self-expression is the driving force of Claire's work.

Proprio-Schematic Network

Proprio-Schematic Networkis a line of prototype clothing with motion capture functionality. These outfits seek to accomplish the seemingly conflicting goals of giving the body a feeling of a particular weight, hand, and drape, while also falling away from the senses and becoming invisible. Each garment has been created to stand apart from one another in kinesthetic feeling. From fun full-body pajamas to casual outdoor wear, all are equipped with light sensors, steel topstitching, and a bluetooth module to wirelessly project information of the position of each limb in 3D space.