Riley Kelly

Riley Kelly developed a love for fashion at a young age and became involved in theater as a teenager. Her passion for creating clothing and the dramatic arts has led her into the world of costume design. Riley’s design style is a mix of creative, fantasy, and historical costume.

Natural Magic

Natural Magic is a fantasy line of theatrical costumes inspired by the five natural elements; fire, water, air, earth, and the universe. These elemental ideas are each distinct but brought together to create every known, natural thing. Each look brings an element to life, personifying its unique, magical qualities through the use of color, texture, and fabric manipulation.

  • Fire: The strong warrior
  • Earth: The keeper of all living things
  • Water: The peacekeeper
  • Air: The joyful creative
  • Universe: The mysterious and all-knowing

Riley hopes Natural Magic will transport the audience to a fantasy world, in which the elements are beings that work in unison to keep the natural world in order. A world where the natural world is in perfect balance.