Rachel Katz

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Rachel Katz began planning her fashion design career at just nine years old. She took quickly to sewing and making things such as blankets and purses for friends and family became her favorite pass time. This past summer, Rachel had the opportunity to perform the beginning development on a product for Kimberly-Clark and currently is assisting in product development at The Airtex Group. Both opportunities have been integral to Rachel becoming the designer she is today and she is so excited to share all the technical and creative skills through her line, Sababa.


After learning about and traveling to Israel, Rachel saw the beauty of an ever-changing landscape and how there is beauty in the temporary qualities of life. Sababa is an Israeli slang term meaning many things, but most importantly to Rachel, Sababa means that everything is alright and everything is going to be okay. Trying to live a beautiful and in-the-moment life, she worked hard to embody ‘Sababa’ while creating this line. This line is for the male skateboarder that loves life and is not too concerned with keeping their clothes nice, just that they work for their purpose and that they look good while skating. Sababa will be beautiful on the runway but will change as they are worn, torn, and worn again.