Kai Johnson

Kai Johnson is an apparel designer and biosystems engineer from Colorado, with an interest in developing systems that allow for the sustainable and ethical manufacturing of products. She intends to work in the growing wearable technology industry, allowing her to combine her knowledge of design and engineering to support innovative solutions to logistic, business, and material issues.

de novo Opera

This collection, entitled de novo Opera, expresses the idea that value systems are viewed through a personal perspective and built within the context of the works and experiences of others. The line is designed for young women who view their wardrobe as a daily representation of their personal values. For Kai, this includes environmental and social conscientiousness and expression of an authentic enthusiasm for discovery. This mindset is heavily influenced by her upbringing in Colorado and inspiration for this line: the scenery of the Rocky Mountains and the music and aesthetics of Queen.

The laidback, adventurous attitude of the mountains enhances the technical elements of outdoor performance-wear and glamorous, professional details in each look. Colorado’s vibrant scenery is further integrated through the blue, orange, and cream color palette, while the unique proportions and surface textures inspired by Queen’s fashion add depth to the pieces.