Ian Harris

Ian Harris has always been expressing his creativity wherever he goes. Growing up wanting to be an artist, he found himself in theatre. Ian credits his high school’s theater department with giving him a foundation for his design work, as he learned to sew while working on costumes leading him to pursue apparel design. After spending the past two summers interning at Cake Plus-Size Resale, Ian learned the importance of having a place that focuses on community building for plus-sized individuals. His favorite part of each summer was working on the Fat Splash, a pool party for fat folks where the motto is “suns out, tums out”. With his future design work, Ian wants to honor the people he met in the Twin Cities fat community. Always striving for authenticity with an emphasis on creativity, Ian is inspired by his favorite female musicians, the 1960’s, and pop culture. A proponent for size inclusivity, he believes that design should bring light and joy to the world.


Moi is a line of bold, bright, and sparkly plus-size separates for all genders. Inspired by fat icons of the past and present, from Miss Piggy in The Great Muppet Caper to Lizzo, and summertime vibes, this line is meant to remind us that fat is not a bad word. Moi consists primarily of statement pieces that showcase luxe fabrics, textures, and embellishments in interesting ways for the underserved plus-size customer. The person wearing these garments isn’t afraid to be “extra” in the best way possible.