Ivan Gil

Representing the East, West, and South, Ivan Gil arrives to the world of design, fashion and entrepreneurship with a multicultural perspective. Ivan's fascination with fashion and textiles started when he was exposed to the fashion industry as a child in his hometown, New York City. Ivan started traveling internationally at a young age, which gave him the opportunity to expand his horizons and allowed him to explore his creative thinking.

As an apparel designer Ivan is dedicated to creating luxurious ready-to-wear clothes inspired by his travels, his childhood in Mexico, the nightlife scene and his work experience in the Los Angeles fashion industry as well as locally with Target Corporate. His clothes are often percieved as unisex items and statement pieces designed with the idea of what feels sexy, cool and chic. With an eye for drama, Ivan Gil presents his graduating collection inspired by the moon, the darkness of the night, a young Cher in the 1970's and a sexy party in space.