Alexis Frey

Growing up in rural South Dakota, Alexis always felt the need to leave her jeans and t-shirt town and escape to the city. Entering the studio on the first day of class was daunting, with her only sewing knowledge being the “on” switch of the machine and never having illustrated in her life. However, she quickly fell in love with the design process. Alexis’ detail-oriented mind and type-A personality pulled her toward technical design and led to an internship at Target Headquarters this past summer. Following graduation, she hopes to begin a technical design career in the sportswear industry.

Usually drawn to the simplicity of neutrals, Alexis chose to broaden her horizons in Rogue with vibrant colors and activewear construction details. With models’ ages spanning over twenty years, these women show that neither fitness or style have an age. Rogue was designed for women with an activewear wardrobe, blending functional pieces along with street-fashion components to pull their gym-style into everyday life. Alexis’ designs represent the bold and loud personalities of the strong, determined women who wear them.