Emily Dufault

As a designer Emily has always been drawn to the bizarre and intricate. Focusing on wearable art, Emily interned for Joy Noelle Atelier, a wearable sculpture artist and custom bridal designer in the Metro area. This experience allowed Emily to refine her abilities to play with and manipulate fabrics in new ways. Emily loves sparking emotions and alternative trains of thought for the viewer, often taking inspiration from less than glamorous origins and deconstructing materials creating something entirely new.

Taking her passion for building unique forms with intricate manipulation of materials, Emily has taken an intriguing approach to her collection. This collection is a celebration of the natural beauty and power within every woman. With recent movements like #MeToo, which aims to elevate women's voices and fight for their rights, Emily wanted to use her designs to highlight the unique beauty of each model, using the destructive properties of fire and what is left behind to capture their power within. The raw power and destruction of fire is something that demands a great deal of respect, much like the respect demanded and deserved by every woman.