Maxine Britt

Maxine Britt (she/they) is passionate about creating work that promotes self expression for people of all genders. Through two undergraduate research projects, Maxine explored her passion for gender neutral apparel by honing in on the needs of transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. She is also the founder of a gender neutral brand titled Mx Apparel Design, which offers androgynous garments with an edge.

Maxine’s work as a production assistant for Tessa Louise Design Studio has allowed her a close-up look at what goes into running an independent line, from sourcing to manufacturing. The knowledge that she gained has been instrumental in running her own business. Maxine hopes to gain more industry experience in creative design, while working on her up and coming brand.


Mxtape is a convergence of androgynous retro-futurism with a streetwear twist. The inspiration comes from the comic Paper Girls, which follows a group of 12 year olds in the late 1980s as they deal with an invasion of futuristic forces. The comic embodies a sense of adventure and empowerment, which is reflected in the line. The Mxtape color story takes inspiration from twilight scenes of Paper Girls, with a wash of lavenders and indigos. Maxine hopes that you come away recognizing her work as an important part of the future of gender neutral fashion.