Caroline Albers

Caroline Albers is a big picture thinker drawn to intriguing compositions of silhouette, color, pattern, and texture. She has always really loved clothing. The fourth of five daughters, Caroline grew up in a vibrant and active house. The different voices, body types, and styles of her family have continually influenced her to think critically about how clothing should be designed. It is her sisters, mother, and closest girlfriends who are constantly on her mind when designing and creating clothing. Caroline strives to make pieces that are approachable, artistic, and modern. She loves studying how powerful the messages we send with our clothing can be, and dreams of helping everyone find their perfect style language.

Forward is first and foremost inspired by Caroline’s mother, Anne. In her research, Caroline discovered that few women are more enthusiastic or particular about their clothing needs than older women. Forward was created for the many women who are imaginative, dynamic, and progressive. Inspired by bold lines, curves, and intriguing pattern combinations, Forward is meant to be a representation of the women Caroline aspires to be.