Wren Tilbury
Radical Existence

An avid writer, Wren discovered her love of apparel design creating characters in her stories and sketching their distinct styles. World travel and social justice are strong themes in her designs. Viewing the world through a queer lens, she strives to bring more LGBTQ+ representation as well as her other social activism passions into the spotlight with her designs. With this perspective in mind and a love for the Spanish language, Wren emanates the wanderlust drive she inherited from her mother and continues to seek out design inspiration by exploring the world.            

With several confident plus size women in her family, Wren dreams of providing aesthetics, support, and confidence to women outside of conventional US sizing. This drive has lead her to design plus size fashion and promote body positivity and diversity of all body types and identities in the media. Pastel punk 90’s nostalgia meets retro pinup flair in Radical Existence, a custom fit line that shows not all plus-size bodies are the same and not all plus-size women want to blend in. Breaking the fashion rules that curvy women are not supposed to show skin, wear color, pattern, or volume is a small rebellious act to reclaim their space in the world. Heavily influenced by the body positivity community taking a strong stance on social media, Radical Existence supplies plus-size women with many of the statement pieces they cannot find elsewhere in the fashion industry.