Kyrie Todd

Kyrie is passionate about approaching design with intention. Her focus is on technical design with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Kyrie’s other skills include pattern making, garment construction, and fit assessment. Caring deeply about the stories that come along with a garment, she is creative in her approach to sustainable fashion. She gets excited about creating affordable, beautiful clothes for everyday people that are based on principles they can support and feel good about. Reusing and recycling fabrics and findings is one of her favorite ways to implement sustainability in her designs.

Zhe is a clothing line made of reused materials. Designed for genderfluid, androgynous, agender, or otherwise non-binary identifying persons, Zhe is based on the concept of blurring the lines between traditional feminine and masculine styles. Non-gender and genderfluid persons deserve the chance to express their gender and personalities however they feel comfortable. Clothing gives us all the opportunity to show the world the best version of ourselves, and that should not be dependent upon our gender.