Stephanie Wang

Whimsical, playful, soft, and sweetly detailed: These words inspire each new and unique look Stephanie creates. She has been a maker all her life, doodling since she could hold a pencil and experimenting through a variety of different mediums before realizing sewing to be her favorite. Some of Stephanie’s first creations were custom stuffed animals which she continues to make through freelance work. Today, most of her designing happens through fashion because she finds it exciting to play with the limitless details, silhouettes, and materials. Through design, Stephanie hopes to contribute to a more sustainable future in the fashion industry by inviting people to appreciate their clothing season after season.

Looking through fashion history with a nostalgic lens, her aim is to design for anyone who wants to express individuality through playful styles that break away from current trends. Designed for spring, Rainflower draws inspiration from the styles of ancient China: loose fits, layering, and pleats, with decorative as well as functional ties, reminiscent of the past. The collection was designed with the intention of layering as a key component so pieces could be added or removed for versatility as the weather changes. Rainflower is history refreshed like flowers after rainfall, blooming again and again.