Spencer Versteeg

“Life is a fashion show” is what 9-year-old Spencer used to tell his mom when strutting through the local grocery store, and he wasn’t wrong. Throughout the past four years Spencer has learned that fashion is a powerful tool to communicate who we think we are and to explore who we aspire to be. Before the program, Spencer shied away from his “flamboyant” impulses both within himself and his designs. That is not the case anymore, he has fully embraced all things dramatic, colorful, sparkly and bold. He strongly believes that a little bit of sparkle goes a long way (but more is always better), and that when you have fun with your clothes it changes how you view yourself and the world around you. Spencer recently built upon his design skills with an internship at Target and is excited to be joining the team as a designer starting this spring.

Spencer’s designed this collection for three generations of his family to connect and make memories through their clothing. The prints, colors and shapes were inspired by modern children’s storybooks and these elements are repeated throughout the collection, allowing for discovery of how the garments relate to each other. During the creation of this collection Spencer enjoyed reflecting on all the happy memories he has made with his family.