Aaronn Richter
‘An Ode to Saoirse’

Design by its very nature evolves with society and sometimes is the driving force that pushes society further. The same could be said of Aaronn’s aesthetic. The ebbs and flows of military, marriage, fatherhood, and loss have shaped Aaronn's designs as he evolves in new directions. He designs high-end streetwear with a focus on menswear, but blurs the line between masculine and feminine societal norms.

An Ode To Saoirse is inspired by a story Aaronn wrote about a man who risks everything for something he loves and pays a higher price than he anticipated. The story and the line pay homage to Irish folklore, military life, and dealing with loss. From beginning to end the line represents a transition from playful naivety to a dark encumbrance and results in open vulnerability.