Ray Myers
Double-knit Double-down

Ray Myers started out making custom clothes from vintage fabrics through her own online store, never imagining she’d end up where she is today.  She currently works as a consultant to a company that makes wearable medical devices, after discovering the satisfaction that comes from creative problem solving in technical design.  She’s on a team with a product designer and an electrical engineer, bringing her apparel design expertise to the table to help make their ideas a reality.  She’s especially excited to be part of a new industry with real potential to help improve lives. 

Out and proud, Ray has always loved to express herself through her personal style in fun, colorful, funky clothes.  She believes that a smart business will appreciate their employees as individuals and make room for creative expression to be celebrated rather than feared.  She designed this collection to give people a way to put a little bit of their own joy into an otherwise standard work wardrobe, and to show that it’s not about how you look but how you perform. 

BTW she’s a fabric nerd in heaven working with all these amazing vintage double-knits…