Rachel Oestreich
V for Victory

Rachel has always been drawn to great stories and adventure whether in books, movies, or podcasts. The romantic allure of history has driven her pursuit to know more. An endless curiosity about why and how things work led her to constructing clothing and enjoying the way that figuring out the construction of a garment is much like solving a puzzle. Her introverted nature has influenced her enjoyment of independent pursuits and finding adventure wherever she goes, whether that’s with the people she loves or striking out on her own. These range from costume tailoring here in Minneapolis, to driving solo to Santa Fe to make elaborate dresses for outdoor Operas. In her endeavors, she has learned that knowledge makes one powerful and doing things independently makes one free. 

Over the summer Rachel interned for Target corporate and was inspired by all the working women that she interacted with. These women were strong and independent with an electrifying work ethic that stimulated Rachel to want the same for herself. Each of the women had intriguing backstories worthy of being told and Rachel concluded that with the right spirit, anything is achievable. In her line, V for Victory, Rachel uses her historical muse of the 1940s as a jumping off point.  Each look is meant to make you want to know this woman and yearn to find out more about her. This line highlights the educated, career oriented, independent woman as she ventures out her front door and into her future.