Marina Qualey

Though she hails from the Midwest, Marina Qualey's heart is in London. Inspired by the sophisticate, she aims to reinvent classics and create polished, timeless collections of corporate-casual wear for the modern young professional. With strong creative focus and construction skills, Marina’s designs are best described as soft and structural. Marina’s aesthetic is simple-chic, effervescent with elegance, and yacht-ical. She harbors feelings of pleasure from a tailor-made specialty craft and the purposeful, understated design elements that they’re anchored on. Marina studied and interned in London and draws inspiration from the sophisticated European women she encountered. She also was a design and marketing intern for Gina Moorhead, learning small business, design, and networking on an international level through travels to Vietnam.

The Bloomsbury collection, created for Fall of 2017, was inspired by the metropolitan lifestyle of the chic, confident Londoner. The concept for the line drew greatly from the color story of the European cityscape and the details in the architecture. The collection utilizes textured wool suiting, cottons shirting, and distinctive pinstripes for a corporate casual look that is eye-catching and durable. Relaxed silhouettes, soft draping, and subtle details make this line perfect for the stylish woman in transit, either on her way to work or across the world.