Sydney Moustakis

Sydney Moustakis has always been inspired by the endless possibilities in apparel design and the ability to create the things that she imagined. Her schooling has invoked a passion for a tailored womenswear with an edgy flare. Sydney spent a semester studying at the London College of Fashion and a summer interning for House of Gina Marie where she worked in Vietnam. During her time in Vietnam she learned about the production process and the art of building valuable relationships. Through her education she has gained an appreciation for the buying process and a love for creative design. She hopes to work in one of these fields after graduation.

Life is full of moments that make us laugh, make us cry, or make us incredibly happy; regardless of which it is, all make us grow. The small things seem to matter less and we discover who we want to be. YU aims to celebrate the confidence this process brings us. Fashion gives people a voice. Having the ability to portray who you are through what you wear is a special thing and YU gives an individual voice to women who are bold, not afraid to be themselves and have the drive to achieve big goals.