Sarah Klecker

As a designer and a runner, Sarah has always been interested in how innovative and fashionable apparel can have a profound impact on an athlete’s performance. She’s a member of the University’s track and cross country teams, and is hugely influenced by the her teammates--the dream-chasing, goal-crushing visionaries who interact with the world through athletics. Athletes like these are the “who” in inspiring her creations and whom she ultimately hopes will benefit from her designs. Sarah also takes inspiration from the human body—the movement, action, and functionality that allows athletes to pursue doing what they love. Her internships at WSI Sports and Target, along with her work in retail at TC Running Company have refined her design skills and solidified her desire to continue her education in designing performance apparel and sport products. 

The inspiration for Spark comes from the metaphor of fire and the duality that lies within it—seemingly opposite, yet both sides equally pertinent to sport. The first aspect looks at fire as fuel, something that burns and powers goals and long-term visions for oneself. It is this passion that empowers athletes to persevere through obstacles and allows them to push past perceived limitations. The other side of the metaphor lies in the usage of flames or sparks as an image for inspiration, for spontaneity, for bliss, or for joy. This feeling lies in the runner’s love of their sport for the sake of the sport—for what it is and not from what they get back from it.