Sinéad Odessa Kelly
Misfits, Troublemakers, and Renegades

Sinéad is recognized by her peers for her appreciation of bold prints, unabashed love of color, and the over the top style she utilizes in her designs and day-to-day lifestyle. Raised in a household fueled by adventure and nourished by art, Sinéad always dressed to the nines and decided to pursue her love of fashion through the study of apparel design. Armed with scissors and thread, she seeks to create size inclusive looks for playful and daring people with vivacious attitudes and underlying confidence. Ultimately, she aims to create clothing that will spark joy in the wearer; an unfaltering aspiration that has held true since she first cut up Barbie’s ball gown.

Misfits, Troublemakers, and Renegades is inspired by the modern girl gang movement trending in pop culture. Sinéad stays true to her rebellious outlook while stepping out of her comfort zone to explore new techniques. She strives to construct structured and detailed garments that strike pride in the wearer and encourages them to embrace their power, as well as their sexuality. The feminine details and light color palette seek to contrast, yet compliment the provocative edge and serve as a reminder that one’s softer side doesn’t compromise one’s strength.