Ka Ying Lee
Chic Chica

Ka Ying is a Hmong designer with a passion for creating variety in her designs. At eight years old she learned hand sewing in Thailand, and later fell in love with designing. Motivated to chase her passion, she entered the University of Minnesota Apparel Design Program. As a student designer, Ka Ying has participated in local fashion shows and took the opportunity to study abroad in both South Korea and London. This international experience broadening her perspective and inspirations for her designs. Ka Ying’s style can be described as comfortable, fun, classy, and trendy. As a designer, her goal is to improve and promote diversity in the fashion industry by creating garments for a wide variety of audiences.

Chic Chica was inspired by the beauty of mixing color, texture, and shape. Ka Ying has always been drawn to women who are not afraid to express their true personalities.  Chic Chica is adynamic collection designed for the elegant, sexy, and edgy woman to mix and match while exploring her own style.