Julie Anderson
Bananas and Cream

Julie Anderson is a designer who strongly admires and pursues artistic approaches to design. As both a multimedia artist and designer, Julie focuses on the line between the two fields and blurs them together. A lover of color, nature, and all things out of the ordinary, Julie bends the practicality of what’s initially seen by the eye and brings it to an interpretive surface. In doing so, Julie hopes that her inspirations for anything that’s controversially beautiful, translated into art and designs, may provoke others to create as well.

Bananas and Cream displays a high fashion interpretation of beetles and similar bugs that exude intricate structures, colors, and patterns that are not traditionally viewed as beautiful. The concept for the line drew through the many travels and experiences that have opened Julie’s eyes to all unordinary beauties. Exhibited in shaped textiles which interpret shells, wings, and bodies of different insects; this collection is built for women with bold personalities who are looking to be seen in a different light to the world.