Mikaela Harrod

Travelling the globe, meeting people from other cultures, and experiencing new ways of life are what inspires Mikaela. In high school, a family friend and FIT alum aided Mikaela in developing apparel design technical skills. Later, working as an apprentice to a designer in Prague, Czech Republic, she fell in love with the design process. Mikaela studied abroad in London and spent last summer in Vietnam for an internship with House of Gina Marie. These travels sparked Mikaela’s passion for environmentally sustainable and socially conscious design. She hopes to design clothing in which women feel empowered to explore beyond the familiar and into the world.

The inspiration for Wild is rooted in Mikaela’s love for travel and the connection to the people and places she has been. It’s designed for the strong-willed female travelers that have always surrounded her. It’s a line for women to explore new territories in comfortable and photo ready clothing. All of the fabrics used in the collection are made from natural fibers. The brightly colored and patterned fabrics are sourced from a small village near Bhuj, India. They are created from 100% cotton and dyed with organic materials, giving a boldness and richness to the hues.