Sophia Gilligan

Sophia creates simple, stand-out pieces that add an effortless cool to a woman’s wardrobe. She studied at the London College of Fashion and has interned with two inspiring female designers; Ulla Johnson in New York City and Clare V. in Los Angeles. The fashionable cities she has visited and passion-fueled people she has worked with inspire Sophia’s designs.

LOU is a Spring/Summer line that blends inspiration from Sophia’s travels to New York City and London. It reflects the confident edge women in both places embody as they walk through the city streets. Designed to be combined with classic staples in one’s closet, Lou inspires innovative styling choices created by the wearer. In many of the garments, the thoughtfully chosen fabrics are able to stand on their own while being enhanced by Sophia’s designs and bold color choices. LOU is Sophia’s first complete collection.