Evan Ihde
Local Honey

Evan has always been a creative spirit at heart. He is constantly looking for inspiration from anything and everything around him, fueled by excitement and a genuine love for design. The copious amount of movies and television he watched as a child were impactful to his development as a designer. There were many characters and fashion icons portrayed through the lens of their wardrobe, such as Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Grace Jones. Evan aims to design clothing as a tool for women to convey who they are through how they dress and present themselves visually.


Local Honey is designed for the iconic women of social media in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These women shop locally and responsibly with brands who share their values. Evan created Local Honey out his love for the Southwest in the 1940’s and 70’s, specifically, the imagery of cowboys and wild horses in the mountains. Evan is reinterpreting the style of the vintage Southwest into a modern day collection for Minneapolis in the spring, making the Southwest local and accessible. The collection is built on a monochromatic color story with simple silhouettes for each woman to find a piece she loves and add it to her current wardrobe. Local Honey is delicate and sweet with a depth of richness that comes from the intricate sewing and construction details paired with golden accents.