Emily Seifert

Emily Seifert loves creating apparel that embodies elegance, comfort, and versatility.  She is drawn to relaxed silhouettes. Emily spent the summer interning at TLB Holdings, Inc. as a technical design intern. This internship showed her the relevance of fit within the production of apparel garments. Through her undergraduate research position within the Human Dimensioning Lab the interest of providing better fit flourished. This position helped her to realize that there is a need for improving the fit of personal protection equipment within the trade fields (such as construction and firefighting). She hopes to continue to explore these interests in graduate school at the University of Minnesota.

Ascension was inspired by Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Emily visited this breathtaking location last summer with her husband and sister-in-law. Featuring rich colors, reminiscent of the sunrise off of the ocean, the collection itself reflects polished sophistication. She created these pieces for women who want to feel casual and comfortable. Creating this collection took place in a struggling time in Emily’s life both physically and emotionally. Like the sunrise, she knows this too will pass onto the brightness of daylight. Emily is thankful for the overwhelming support from the faculty, as well as her husband, classmates, family, and friends.