Emily Laurich

Emily Laurich is a visual artist motivated by the appreciation and preservation of an emotional experience. Six years ago, her lifelong love affair with music brought Emily to her first concert where she witnessed an auditory art transform into an extraordinary experience. Wanting to play a part in the thrill of it all, viewer turned documenter when Emily began her photography career capturing local bands and national touring acts alike. With a desire for harmony in her life, Emily merged her love of music, photography, and apparel when she began designing custom pieces for musicians. She creates compositions that intertwine fashion and music and represent a culture of free-thinking, creative individuals.

Tide is Emily’s headfirst dive into the dreamworld that hosts all of her creative outlets. By definition, the tide is the alternate rising and falling of the sea. This fixed transition between alternating forces is reminiscent of life itself. The ride of life guarantees up and downs, light and dark; Tide challenges the viewer to pursue what they enjoy regardless of where they are in life. In addition, the collection reflects its name through the use of textiles and color scheme. From hand-making textiles to transforming photographs into prints, Emily put a lot of herself into this collection while simultaneously capturing the aesthetics created and enjoyed by an alternative counterculture.