Megan Clarke

Clean lines, bold details, and careful craftsmanship prevail in Megan’s minimalistic designs. The intersection of the rural natural environment of their youth and the urban city life as an adult inspires Megan’s designs for a rapidly evolving world. As an intern with Iris Color Studio Megan assisted in custom textile dyeing projects for the National Gallery of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Tara LaTour, and the Minnesota Opera. Megan has also recently attended and presented a self-adjusting closure design at the International Symposium on Wearable computers in Heidelberg, Germany with the University of Minnesota’s Wearable Technology Lab. Megan’s future goals include further exploration and schooling in technical and functional design with interests in working with protective clothing and fitting the human form.

Aves is a line that combines luxurious wools and crisp cottons tailored for young professionals. The clean, polished looks are inspired by the sleek, powerful silhouettes of birds of prey and the bold, captivating coloration of songbirds. Custom hand dyed shirt panels, neutral wools, and subtle details combine classic tailoring techniques with a modern cut. This fall line is designed for the stylish urban commuter looking to make a statement both in and out of the office.