Bounkeut Bebe Namnakhone
Dangerous Beauty

Bebe is a first-generation, Laotian-American, gender-nonconformist whose preferred pronouns are he, him, his. The past few years have allowed him to grow tremendously; mentally, emotionally, and physically. He developed an appreciation and respect for his identity, which he once rejected. He is a much happier person now that he understands himself and his identity better, thanks to the support received from family, friends, and even strangers. His new-found confidence has allowed him to take risks in both life and in design, as they are intertwined aspects of himself . As his confidence increased in himself, his confidence in fashion and design paralleled his life. 

Bold, daring, and sensual, Bebe’s designs have always been on the risqué side. His garments are designed for confident people who enjoy dressing for attention. His collection is based on the Femme Fatale, whose alluring beauty is equal to her level of danger. She is intelligent, cunning, and captivating; traits she uses to manipulate others to get what she wants. Taking feminine silhouettes and combining them with tailored elements, this collection is a fantasy wardrobe of dramatic flair and chic details.