Xixi Xu

Originally from China, Xixi Xu is a fashion designer with a passion for pop culture, luxury goods, and classical arts. Xixi’s work is a reflection of her international experiences, having travelled widely from a young age. She studied abroad at London College of Fashion for a semester and is attracted to classic British culture and style. This past summer in Shanghai, Xixi interned with a film production company and learned about celebrity fashion. She would like to design for celebrities, knowing their fashion and styling choices are chosen to both catch attention and form their reputation.

HANAFUBUKI(“花吹雪”), a red carpet collection for celebrities, was inspired by Xixi’s trip to Japan early this year. In Japanese, the term “Hanafubuki” means Cherry Blossom Blizzard. (“Hana” means flower, while “Fubuki” means snow storm.) This collection of silk dresses in hues of cream and blush is inspired by the Hanafubuki scene of wind blowing the falling flowers like it’s snowing cherry blossom petals. The silhouettes are modest yet adorable, highlighting the ultra-feminine and elegant style that Hanafubuki represents.