Tabitha Andelin

Tabitha is inspired by the world around her and by connections among people. She has a strong awareness and connection to her physical being as both an athlete and a designer. Designing clothing to make people feel like the best version of themselves, she believes comfort is the most important quality in a garment but that it means something different for everyone. Tabitha interned at Under Armour working with technical design and at Gucci with marketing. Exploring technical design was an opportunity for Tabitha to dig into the anatomy of clothing and marketing let her explore how individuals connect with a brand identity. Originally from California, Tabitha hopes to move to New York City after graduation to pursue her fashion career.

Tabitha’s line of lounge lingerie was developed for women who want not only their inner beauty to shine, but their outer beauty as well. Having found that it is important for women to feel comfortable with the people they love, she aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia for places of comfort and relaxation through her designs. By creating unique silhouettes that fit each individual’s comfort level, she hopes you will be inspired to lounge with your loved one.