Shengjie Li

Shengjie Li is originally from China. She came to America to pursue her career as a fashion designer. Experiencing both of these cultures gives her a unique perspective and inspires her to incorporate elements from multiple cultures into her designs. Shengjie is drawn to interesting fabric textures and unique prints, especially organic patterns of clouds, flowers, and birds. Each of her garments is carefully cut and sewn to ensure the highest construction quality. She wants to tell a story with her eye-catching and innovative creations. After graduation, she would like to open her own Etsy shop and pursue a master’s degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Jinxiu (jin-sue) is an Asian Fusion bridal-wear collection, containing 4 looks inspired by Western and Eastern wedding trends. In Chinese, Jinxiu means “as beautiful as brocade”, a phrase meant to convey best wishes of a joyful marriage. The encounter between these two cultures is represented through the use of ornate embroideries and the traditional Chinese wedding colors of lush reds and golds, combined with the modern and romantic silhouettes of today’s Western wedding fashion.