Mia Kuroki

Growing up with a multicultural background, Mia Kuroki has seen the world from a unique perspective starting at a young age. She is a strong believer that less is more and this is reflected through her lifestyle and designs. Mia has an appreciation for the dynamic world of fashion while also being an activist concerned with social justice issues throughout the industry. Many people are unaware of the negative impact that the industry has on this earth and its people. Her goal is to spread awareness and make meaningful change. Mia gained experience as an intern and employee at Tumblewalla, a local organic children’s wear company, at Gymboree and as a nanny for a pair of energetic twins. She has also worked with preteens to develop their sewing, design, and engineering skills. These experiences have strengthened her creative and technical design skills. Embark is a children’s wear collection that reflects Mia’s vision of leading the fashion industry in a different direction. If we are to bring something into this earth, we must make sure it does not harm it.

Embark is constructed using the zero waste pattern-making technique, allowing her to construct the entire collection without producing any waste. The 100% organic cotton fabrics were naturally hand-dyed with indigo and dark walnut. Her inspiration for the designs comes from the heights of the mountains and the quiet of the forest. She wants to capture the raw optimism and hope that comes from a child’s point of view. Anything is possible.