Elizabeth Bischoff

Elizabeth is driven by an attention to detail and a passion for ingenuity which breathes life into her designs. A storyteller at heart, she designs for a customer who places value not only on a piece, but within the story of its origin. Elizabeth prefers large scale work that requires countless hours of work, intimate attention and results in pieces of heirloom quality. One such design is Taiga, for which she was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Weisman Art Museum’s Siberia: Imagined and Reimagined fashion show in Spring of 2014. This past summer, Elizabeth had the privilege to intern with bridal designer, Tara LaTour. She currently works at David’s Bridal and the Goldstein Museum of Design. In addition she leads the alto saxophone section of the University’s marching band. After graduation, Elizabeth hopes to find a position within the bridal industry, whether it be planning events or designing gowns.

The inspiration for Elizabeth’s collection, Fairest Blood, is rooted in her deep love of storytelling. A trip through Europe over the summer inspired her to write a collection of fairy tales that have become the basis for her designs. Each story embraces an idea of archaic darkness entwined with a bitter loveliness. The heroines of these stories are not, in fact, heros. They were dealt a fate to which they reacted in their purest, most humanistic self. Elizabeth’s collection illustrates and interprets these stories in a fantastical, surreal way to show that even in the ugliest places, beauty can still be found.