Catherine Menzel

Catherine Menzel is a burgeoning fashion designer who has a fresh perspective on the direction and possibilities of fashion. Her work focuses on detailed illustrations and special construction techniques that elevate the quality of garments. She has interned with two local design companies, WSI Sports and Väva! Veve!, strengthening both her technical and creative design skills. Additionally, she has also shown work in various local fashion design projects and competitions for causes such as ecological sustainability and living a healthy lifestyle. Her professional experiences have instilled in her the diligence and desire to continually learn and be inspired.

The collection, Vitamin-C, explores the ordinary orange, peeled to expose its bountiful qualities in an offbeat manner. Catherine is inspired by the the many dynamic features of the orange, specifically its variances in color, layers, inner and outer shapes, health benefits, and even the psychological influence of its colors. With a belief that ready-to-wear should be both good for you and good for the earth, this collection's underlying focus on healthiness extends deeper to include material sourcing of recycled and organic textiles.