Tess Ross

Tess Ross is an apparel design major and retail merchandising minor in the College of Design. Born and raised in St. Paul, MN, she created her first garment at age four with gold lame and staples. As time progressed, Tess has developed a strong love of sewing, design, and creative problem solving. Various trips to Europe in her youth spawned a delight in antique opulence and the fanciful joy that comes from experiencing history. As a glamorous and bold woman herself, she likes to design with strength and femininity. Tess enjoys designing in all three dimensions, creating interest from all angles. Recently, Tess has interned for bridal couturier Tara LaTour and was able to join her at New York’s Bridal Market week in October. In the future, Tess would love to spend time learning from both high-fashion design houses, as well as mass-market ready-to-wear corporations.

For this collection, Tess created an idyllic, fantasy wardrobe inspired by the whimsy of Rococo with a minimalist take. This collection is based in a focus on the shapes of the clothing at the time and the idea of opulence. Tess explored the idea of what it means to dress as a strong, empowered woman which led to emphasis on the role of clothing in women’s history such as the romantic color scheme of vibrant jewel tones and exaggerated hourglass silhouettes. These are not clothes that take themselves too seriously; they are whimsical and joyous while still being commanding.