Lauren Kacher

After working for over ten companies within the fashion industry and receiving a formal education in London, Lauren Kacher is a designer with a voice. She specializes in developing unisex clothing meant to break gender roles and inspire innovation. Lauren’s aesthetic influence derives from urbex, the act of exploring little known urban locations. Lauren also collaborates with musicians to develop visual interpretations of their music. Take the journey into a dark and mysterious world that Lauren paints with the textures of decay and deconstruction in her garments. METAMORPHICA, a five look collection, is inspired by the crystalline development of natural minerals, deep within the Earth. The combination of geometric perfection and natural defectiveness is seen within fabric and developed textures. A fictional band, The Nameless, is the target market for this collection, with a look to accompany each of the five musical performers. Every look highlights their musical roles, culminating with the spectacular appearance of the lead singer. Prepare to witness the future of rock and roll.