Julia Duvall

Julia Duvall first defined herself as an artist. From a young age she used drawing and painting in her attempts to capture the untamed character of nature, whose elemental beauty and vitality became her main sources of inspiration. This, combined with her interest in outdoor physical activities, led Duvall to the University of Minnesota’s Apparel Design program where functionality plays an integral part in Design. Through her time abroad at the London College of Fashion, where she honed her illustration skills and craftsmanship, and with the unique opportunity to collaborate and intern with NASA’s Johnson Space Center in their Wearable Electronics Application and Research (WEAR) lab, she has been able to combine aesthetics and function into a more holistic form of design.

Duvall’s ready-to-wear travel line rejects fast fashion and its disposable outlook for a more essentialist and resonant perspective. She gains inspiration from the raw elegance of nature, especially water in all of its forms, and therefore wishes to reduce her footprint so that the natural world can continue to be a source of joy for generations to come. Simple lines, minimalist silhouettes, high quality construction techniques, fabrics, and details garnered from the sea produce a line that will help its wearer become the best version of themselves so that they can laugh, play, and conquer new shores with the ocean’s easy elegance.