Gizelle Yuer Wei

Gizelle Yuer Wei makes customized bridal and formal wear, jewelry, and accessories. She has interned at Tara LaTour Bridal Design and Sarah French Costume Design. Her goal as a designer is to add to the happiness and good memories her user experiences while wearing her pieces. Gizelle is proud of her Chinese heritage. She draws inspiration from the culture, spirituality, and landscapes of Asia. She is especially intrigued by each culture’s unique interpretation of the beauty of natural elements.

Her line, “As Free as the Void,” is inspired by the cultural symbolism of the sky and the Chinese Tang Dynasty, an era of freedom and new ideas. The contrast and gradation between transparency and the opaque, as well as between the two complementary colors, indigo and copper, is highlighted. This color palette is inspired by the color of the sky at dusk. The sky is composed of so many elements, yet it represents freedom and void. The draped silhouettes are reminiscent of Tang Dynasty era garb and float down the runways with an airy elegance.